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Port Clinton Marina and Waterworks Park
City of Port Clinton, Ohio

The City of Port Clinton sits on Lake Erie at the point of the Portage River in northern Ohio.  Faced with the need to create a waterfront destination in a declining economy the city called for creative planning proposals that would build upon a mixed-use economic development strategy.  BDMD Architects and Landscape Architects, along with a contractor, developer and realty manager conceptualized a development that featured a Marina + Waterworks Park.  The development performa features approximately 130,000 square foot indoor water park, hotel/restaurant, and condos with pedestrian level retail along the river and additional restaurant and museum buildings with designed open space.  Flanking the architecture, the low impact pedestrian open space features a large festival fountain plaza with permeable pavement, terraced lawn seating featuring native landscape, universally designed recreation trails linking the downtown and adjacent park system that contains a nearby wetland conceptualized as part of the stormwater management system.  The entire development celebrates the existing marina and the Port Clinton Yacht Club and seeks to reinvigorate the sea-faring city by engaging both visitors from land and water alike.

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