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The PLAY market captures the building markets where PLAY activity is involved. Our definition of PLAY is not just for casual fun but also for a serious, focused event defined by a specific field of PLAY, with definitive parameters for shaping a built environment, indoors or out. There is a wide range of aesthetic freedom with these structures for everything but the field of play. In events for professional or amateur athletes, these building environments must push the athlete to excel beyond what they thought possible. For the casual participant, the solutions must be safe and enjoyable for recreation. One of the most noteworthy characteristics for these building types is that a lot of participants and sometimes spectators use these facilities, so the aspect of safety and durability must be a high priority.


Please go to the specific market above for a focused list of project types and examples designed by Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects and Landscape Architects.


Our contact person for this PLAY market is John M. Dierdorf AIA and he may be reached by email at jdierdorf@bdmd.com.

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