Our practice of architecture, planning, landscape architecture and interior design is grounded on the concept of providing our clients Leadership + Design®.

Leadership means that we propose direction and solutions within the framework of our clients’ needs that are based on present leading thinking, trends, and importantly, our experience. We are team players. We lead. We do not stand passively by allowing time to pass and opportunities to be squandered.

We design with purpose, aiming to create places and spaces that hold meaning for our clients, the users of our designs, and the public. We design places and spaces that are timelessly beautiful, highly functional, and economical within our clients’ budget.

Pictured above: Rendering of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Gate 1 Plaza.

  • The Psychrometric Chart Explained
    Originally published on June 13, 2018 by BNP Media through the Building Enclosure Blog. It is one of the intimidating charts for any building design professional: the psychrometric chart. At first blush, the “psych chart” looks very complicated. There are layers of axes and curved reference lines. However, a closer examination will reveal that – at its essence – the chart is visually conveying the answers to two related questions: How much […]
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