Browning Day Interior Designers Become Fitwel Ambassadors

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Browning Day Interior Designers Become Fitwel Ambassadors

Designers support the health and well-being for client projects

Whether it’s where we live, or where we work, the spaces we occupy have a great impact on our lives.

This month marked a milestone for our firm, with each of our Interior Designers achieving certification as Fitwel Ambassadors; aligning with the Center for Active Design’s mission of advancing design strategies to foster healthy and engaged communities.

As Fitwel Ambassadors, Lacey Causseaux, Director of Interior Design; Katie Thompson, Interior Design Project Manager; Madison Rief, Interior Designer; and Catalina Mendoza, Interior Designer, are well-versed in the evidence-based connection between design and health. Each designer can integrate Fitwel’s strategies into commercial interior projects.

These strategies are linked to at least one of the following impact categories:

  • Increase Physical Activity
  • Promote Occupant Safety
  • Reduce Morbidity + Absenteeism
  • Support Social Equity for Vulnerable Populations
  • Instill Feelings of Well-Being
  • Impact Community Heath
  • Provide Healthy Food Options

Buildings are complex, interconnected systems.  Being mindful of location, building accessibility, indoor environments, outdoor spaces, water supply and food services; our designers and clients work together to steward the occupants of the buildings and spaces we deliver.

We are often asked to compare leading certification systems, each with compelling missions to support great efforts across a spectrum of sustainability, health, and wellness platforms.  For our interiors team, Fitwel is an exceptionally compelling system for its accessibility. Fitwell is both financially attainable and it is also optimized for all buildings; no matter the size, age, or location.

To find out more information visit or reach out to our design team at to discuss ways in which the Fitwel certification system may be a good fit for your next project.

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