Browning Day Tackles Peyton Manning Statue and Plaza Project

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Browning Day Tackles Peyton Manning Statue and Plaza Project

The heart of the Indianapolis Colts NFL football team may have retired, but his legacy will live on through a statue that was recently unveiled.

Thousands crowded the plaza of Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 7, including many former Colts teammates, coaches and staff as the Peyton Manning statue was officially revealed and celebrated.

Photo gallery: Peyton Manning Statue and Plaza

Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf has a strong relationship, dating back several decades, with the City of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Colts organization. We have continued to be fortunate to work with these two organizations, as well as the impactful projects that have come from their partnership. This relationship has allowed Browning Day to also be a part of the most recent project, the design of the surrounding plaza and base for the Peyton Manning statue.

Browning Day landscape architects developed conceptual designs for the plaza space, the sculpture base and railing design. We also worked directly with the sculptor throughout the process to ensure the space we created responded to the selected pose. We coordinated directly with the contractor through construction to address unforeseen conditions, and to ensure quality control on the decorative concrete pavement, and railing design elements.

The statue and plaza was designed as a place to gather to take photos with the sculpture as well as appreciate the feats achieved by Peyton Manning. The Colts want it to be accessible to visitors and sports fans alike.

The upper portion of the plaza is near the corner of South Street and Capitol Avenue at the north end of the Lucas Oil Stadium entrance. The plaza is approximately 20 by 15 feet and the bronze sculpture is nearly 10 feet tall. It sits on a 4-foot-tall brick and limestone base bringing the total height to almost 14 feet tall.

A unique feature of the space is the concrete pavement which is designed to resemble the striping of a football field. Utilizing different colors, and amounts of exposed aggregate within the concrete mixes, increments of 10 “yards” stand out with Peyton Manning throwing within the football “field.”  The stainless steel Indianapolis Colts “horseshoe” railing started out as a quick sketch and turned into a nice feature element of the plaza.

This statue is also one-of-a-kind as it is the only sculpture at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf is honored to have worked on such an iconic project for the football organization, for the City of Indianapolis and for the State of Indiana. Peyton Manning is a legend in Colts and NFL history and this statue represents a huge part of that. Thank you for allowing Browning Day to be a part of this historic project.


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