Browning Day Wins Big | Fall 2015 Newsletter

Landscape Architecture

Browning Day Wins Big | Fall 2015 Newsletter

Browning Day wins INASLA Awards

Last week, the landscape architecture team of Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf received three awards for excellence in design by the Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). Brett Schlachter, landscape architect, also received special recognition of outstanding leadership, service and commitment. Congratulations, team!

INASLA_Mark Beer
Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Landscape Architect, Mark Beer, receives Merit Award from the INASLA Chapter President, Jonathan Geels, for the Art Bäks at Davlan Park.

Browning Day received the Award of Excellence, the highest honor bestowed at the state-level, for the River Ridge Commerce Center Gateway Master Plan. The award is reserved only for one project of the highest caliber within Indiana. Jurors chose the plan because of its focus on “community connectivity, sustainability and green infrastructure, and innovative approach to public open space organization”, among other factors. We were honored to also receive two Awards of Merit for the Town of Upland Master Plan and the Art Bäks in Davlan Park.

Browning Day Landscape Architect, Brett Schlachter, received Special Recognition of Outstanding Leadership, Service and Commitment to the Indiana Chapter of ASLA. This award is given to individuals recognized by the Chapter President for their extraordinary work over the year. Brett and Browning Day Associate, Drew Braley, were both elected to serve on the INASLA Executive Committee again this year.

“INASLA has impacted my career by allowing me to interact with fellow landscape architects in promoting, educating, informing and defending the value of our profession,” said Brett as he reflected on how the organization has impacted his career. “It also has provided national exposure and support to the great work of Indiana’s talented landscape architects.”

INASLA_Brett Schlachter
Brett Schlachter receives Special Recognition of Outstanding Leadership, Service and Commitment to the Indiana Chapter of ASLA

Drew has been a member of ASLA for many years, beginning his involvement when working in Hawaii. When he and his family moved to Indiana, he was able to make connections with our local chapter and become Chapter Treasurer.

“Being a part of this organization has truly helped me appreciate what ASLA does behind the scenes and how they help support individual chapters.  This was extremely evident this year as we fought against the deregulation of our license.  National ASLA stepped right in and began providing documents, publications and other defense items to us for use in fighting this issue… which we were successful in defeating!”

INASLA_Barth Hendrickson
Barth Hendrickson, Browning Day’s Vice President and Principal Landscape Architect, received the Award of Excellence for the River Ridge Community Center Gateway Master Plan

Meeting in the historic Indiana Landmarks Center, the annual INASLA meeting’s primary goal was, and always is, to remind people that the community is a ‘Spaces For All’ and how that applies to all facets of landscape architecture as well as the larger field of design.

“This recognition is a testimony to the quality of the Browning Day Landscape Architecture and Planning team and their dedication to quality services and outcomes,” said Barth Hendrickson, Browning Day Vice President and Landscape Architecture Principal. “[It is] especially pleasing because it illustrates our ability to assist a significant economic player in Indiana with positioning them to compete on an international level.”




2015 AIA Indiana 25 Year Award

We are pleased to announce that AIA Indiana has awarded Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf with the 2015 25-year Award for the Hilbert Circle Theatre!

Check out the award submission here! We couldn’t have done it without the expertise of these other partners that were involved with the project:

  • Archonics Design Partnership (Architect of Record)
  • Van Dijk, Johnson & Partners (Associate Design Architect)
  • Costello + Associates & Ball State Student Associates

Jury officials stated that they were happy to see this grand building, so deep in disrepair, come back to life and become such an important part of the city’s culture again. We are also extremely pleased at how closely the building has touched people’s hearts throughout the city, the state and the nation.

The Circle Theatre was one of the most distinctive buildings in Indianapolis when it was built in 1916. The historic performance hall was inches away from becoming an IPL parking lot in 1984 until it was saved by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO). Browning Day worked on post rehabilitation modifications and updates that adapted the theatre to its current state without compromising its historic detail. Now known as the Hilbert Circle Theatre, it currently showcases a variety of instrumental performances as well as star-studded acts from around the world.

The theatre is a vital asset to the city and a significant keystone of the iconic Monument Circle. On its grand opening, The Indianapolis Star said that the theatre revolutionized the movie theatre experience by adding luxurious red carpets, chandeliers, plush upholstery and mahogany furnishings.

Browning Day is honored to be a part of this important piece of history that forms the face of Indianapolis and continues to spread joy and inspiration for future generations.