New Courts, Facilities, Allow Tournament to Join Elite Group


New Courts, Facilities, Allow Tournament to Join Elite Group

The 30-year relationship between Browning Day and the Western and Southern Open has transformed the regional tournament into a highly regarded world-class attraction with state of the art facilities. The steady growth allowed the tournament to become one of only five tennis events in the world, outside of the grand slams, to feature a combined event with both the men and women competing in the same week.

The latest round of projects completed by Browning Day allowed the venue to increase its capacity and handle the demands that come with hosting the best tennis players in the world at the Lindner Family Tennis Center. A central piece of the improvements is the new Paul Flory Player Center, a 52,000 square-foot building that doubled the existing size of players’ spaces to accommodate the combined male and female tournament.  The Center also added space for media and fans by increasing the total Center Court seating capacity to 11,400 including 900 box seats.

A new master plan was created in 2011, leading to the addition of many new amenities to the tournament. The new facilities include a new ticket building, a retail plaza and a new food court with 14 cuisine options, and many spots to dine in the shade.  The grounds were expanded and six new courts were added, bringing the total number of courts to 16. Browning Day’s Landscape Architecture group designed various plazas and seating areas to connect the new and existing components.  The center is now owned by the United States Tennis Association.

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