Nick Davis Browning Day Architecture Firm

Nick Davis, RA, LEED APAssociate Principal

Nick is an Associate Principal and Senior Project Manager at Browning Day. A home-design project in architecture class in high school got him hooked to the profession, and he has never looked back. Recognized for his work on the Fishers and CityWay YMCA projects, Lucas Oil Stadium, and Indiana Convention Center Phase IV, Nick enjoys working with clients through the design process and helping them realize their ideas and dreams gives him a sense of accomplishment.

Nick enjoys traveling and discovering other cultures by exploring their language, food, and architecture. His advice for the younger generation would be to take advantage of study abroad programs to gain additional perspective to their domestic education. Nick serves his community through volunteer work with local historical organizations and involvement on the Carmel Historic Preservation Commission.

Nick is a graduate of Ball State University where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Science degree in 1992. Nick practiced in Michigan before coming to Browning Day in 1998.