Todd Oakley Browning Day Architect

Todd OakleyProject Manager, Associate

Todd Oakley is an Associate and Project Manager at Browning Day. The amount of detail associated with drawing, combined with his quest to know how things actually fit together, steered Todd in the direction of a career in architecture. His versatility and can do attitude have allowed him to work on a variety of projects, ranging from Casinos, to Sports Fields and Office Buildings. His projects include IU Kaufman Baseball and Mohr Softball Stadia, Hollywood Casino, and FORUM Credit Union. Seeing clients genuinely appreciate the hard work involved in delivering their dreams grants him tremendous satisfaction. Another source of joy for Todd is the privilege to use his talents as a clown to provide laughter and temporary relief to hospital patients. This adventure seeker would love to kayak down the raging Colorado River, bungee jump and ski down the Himalayan Mountains.

Todd is a graduate of Ball State University where he earned a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Design Degree in 1995.