2017 City of Doral Parks System Master PlanDoral, Florida

The 2017 City of Doral Parks System Master Plan is a guiding document that seeks to evaluate, analyze, and strategically plan the long-term development of the city’s parks and recreation system. The Master Plan will ensure that the identified goals and objectives of the city are met, while providing equitable and sufficient services to its residents, both existing and future.

The result of this multi-year planning process is a living and illustrative document that serves as the most consolidated and authoritative source for information related to the city’s parks and recreation system. When coupled with appropriate action on behalf of the City and its residents, this will maintain Doral’s standing as one of the most desirable and livable communities in the United States. This document – and the process which informed it – served as the framework for a $150 million park system-specific bond referendum that Doral voters approved in November of 2018. The projects proposed within this referendum were conceived as part of this planning process and will help to meet the needs of both existing and future Doral residents.