429 on The ParkIndianapolis, Indiana

This project presented Browning Day with the unique challenge of building four new stories on top of the clients’ existing headquarters, offering spectacular views of the downtown skyline and the War Memorial Mall among other landmarks. Browning Day used a single centrally located corridor in the design to allow maximum square footage within the units and increase layout flexibility. The design configuration located most units on a single level. The more upscale units, located on the top floor, overlook Memorial Plaza and have access to a rooftop sunroom and deck.

The structural grid on the existing building was continued to respect the prevailing architectural language and allow for a better connection between the two structures, creating a unified and complimentary look. The result is a timeless and classic piece of urban architecture, with floor to ceiling windows and private terraces that allow residents to enjoy the fun-filled energy of downtown from the comfort of their home.