Art Bäks at Davlan ParkIndianapolis, Indiana

The Riley Area Development Corporation (RADC), a non-profit Community Development Corporation, selected the Art Bäks at Davlan Park as the winner in its Davlan Park Community Art Space Competition, which asked entrants to re-envision the design and programming of the community green space in front of the Davlan Building at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave. and Alabama Street in Indianapolis.

Browning Day’s innovative submission was themed “Art Bäks” (phonetically pronounced “art box”), and utilized a re-purposed shipping container as the portable art gallery. The master plan concept for the park space will transform this key underutilized open space into a dynamic, flexible urban plaza that articulates the unique ethos of Mass Ave., serves as a home for public art, and helps to increase overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

The envisioned urban park has multiple core programmatic functions, including structured seating nodes, pedestrian circulation routes, informal seating areas and a dedicated location for the portable art venue. Multiple gathering areas were incorporated to encourage the full range of human interaction from intimate conversation to large gatherings.

After the conclusion of the design competition, Browning Day assisted the client in navigating the complex and lengthy approval process required to construct the Art Bäks structure, which included the creation of an interim concept plan that allows for the structure to be implemented on the existing site (pending funding for site redevelopment at a future date). Construction of the portable gallery space is expected to be complete by the fall of 2015, with the redevelopment of the park space to follow as funding is obtained.