Broad Ripple Canal Esplanade Indianapolis, Indiana

Browning Day provided design for one of the most innovative and complex trails within the City. The Broad Ripple Canal Esplanade, part of the Indy Greenways system as well as the Art to Art Trail, creates diverse urban gathering spaces while seamlessly integrating a pedestrian trail connection between Guilford Avenue and College Avenue.

To create unique urban spaces along the canal, the design of the Esplanade includes subtle grade changes along the pathways, and creates gathering spaces and pedestrian traffic zones at designated nodes along the trail. Similarly, the grade change allows the esplanade to solve several complex structural challenges associated with the embankments along the canal. By creating this separation, it allows for large areas of landscape plantings and sandstone retaining walls to stabilize the slopes, as well as pedestrian scale lighting to enhance the aesthetic along this primary path.

The realization of the Broad Ripple Canal Esplanade will help reinvigorate and reconnect a critical portion of Broad Ripple Village, resulting in a higher quality of life and increased economic, social, and environmental sustainability. This project is an excellent example of both public-private partnerships and utilizing trails and open spaces as economic development catalysts.

“The Browning Day Team is very thoughtful and very strategic! I have been very pleased with them because they have been very flexible to the cost and the scope of the work that is available for the project. Browning Day is very pragmatic, and able to think about how they communicate things!  The value of Browning Day’s involvement is quite high; they have a great history in Indianapolis, which places them in a good position and allows them to communicate very effectively with a broad audience.”
Adam Thies, (former Director of the Indianapolis DMD)