Center for Innovation and LaboratoriesIndianapolis, Indiana

An Indianapolis corporation commissioned Browning Day to design a new Center for Innovation, with a mix of offices and laboratories.

Space design in the Innovation Center is driven by the intended use. The needs of the end-user take center-stage and spaces respond accordingly to provide flexibility and choice in the daily work environment. The goal is to create an environment that spawns new ideas and encourages new working patterns centered on efficiency, casual interaction and collaboration. Because the client is widely spread regionally and globally, this new space needs to project a strong and cohesive image that will capture their essence and the markets they serve, but most importantly, showcase the values and capabilities of all their divisions.

The building will only occupy 100,000 square feet of the 50-acre campus, allowing the majority of the site to remain wooded and landscaped. This provides flexibility and opportunities to create niche areas on the site.