Irsay Family YMCA at CityWayIndianapolis, Indiana

This urban YMCA is a part of a large development called CityWay that includes a hotel, retail, restaurants and mid-rise residential towers. The Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay provides a hub of activity for health and fitness that is within close proximity to local business and culture. The “big idea” behind the design concept was visual and acoustic openness. Patrons can see and hear various activities as they enter the building, as well as see them on the street through the glass façade.

The building houses community service facilities, as well as a medical office and retail food service tenant space. The internal circulation patterns within the first floor of the YMCA uses mid-block connectors, so patrons can easily access neighboring retail and residential services.

The facility includes a lap pool, a recreational pool, three full-size basketball courts, an elevated jogging track, a large fitness area that overlooks the adjacent hotel plaza, multi-purpose classrooms, yoga and cycling rooms, child watch, and beginner-fitness areas. Several elevated, outdoor terraces and green-planted roofs complement the adjacent street-level park and pedestrian green spaces. Through the two large green roofs, stormwater is collected and slowly discharged, while an underground storage and percolation system allows all parking lot water to remain on site.

Inside the YMCA, some functional elements were placed outside the control gates, so that both members and non-members could access the community services. The café, community room and teaching kitchen all promote access for the general public.

This facility is the flagship YMCA of the Greater Indianapolis YMCA association. Upscale materials were used where appropriate, but always regarding the need for durable and easy-to-maintain finishes. Metal panel textures, warm brick tones and the overall earth tone color scheme tie this YMCA to the adjacent hotel and apartment exterior aesthetic. Building geometry and activated glass facades provide opportunity for visual connections indoors and out.