Crown Hill Master PlanIndianapolis, Indiana

Browning Day is privileged to be leading the development of a comprehensive and innovative master plan for Indianapolis’s oldest urban green space; Crown Hill Cemetery. Our unique approach to this project is with the perspective that the resulting planning product must serve as a guide for preserving the past, but also as road map which helps secure the long-term future and relevancy of Crown Hill by reconnecting with its historic roots as a great community open space.

To survive, both as a viable business and cultural destination within Indianapolis, Crown Hill must focus as much on bringing new life into the community as it does memorializing lives already lived. Tomorrow’s Crown Hill must become more than just a traditional cemetery, it must become a true “place” which attracts and engages people in all walks of life.

People want to live and play in authentic places. They also want to know that when they have passed that they will be buried or memorialized in a place which is equally authentic. Crown Hill must become one of those places, one whose compelling activity, unique environment, and cultural assets, both historical and contemporary, serve as an economic development and quality-of-life engine for both the Foundation and the greater surrounding community. The Crown Hill Master Plan is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, and will help ensure that the legacy of Crown Hill, as well as the numerous quality of life amenities it provides, will endure for future generations.

Photos courtesy of the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation