Elanco Global Headquarters Greenfield, Ind.

Phase I of the project initiated the process of developing a new global headquarters campus that represents both an autonomous aesthetic and the new standard in workplace functionality, worthy of a company that excels at creating cutting edge solutions through research. Using the principles of Integrated Workplace design, the designers created an open and modern office conducive to collaboration and innovation, while providing the concentrative areas required in a market-leading, research-based company. The campus had three distinct archetypes – a lab, a corporate center, and an office building – all interconnected by all-weather portals. Collaborative work areas were created around conveniently located social gathering spaces, giving users the flexibility to work in an environment of their choosing, thereby increasing both space utilization and overall productivity.

The following four years saw exponential growth for Elanco, leading to an addition.

The solution introduced site improvements, a new café/conference building, and the addition of a new office building.

The new café/conference Building is a 28,080 square-foot two-story structure that replaced the all-weather connector between two existing buildings. It became the collaborative nucleus of a now fully integrated and fully enclosed five-building complex. The first story houses a cafeteria and a full service commercial kitchen with the capacity to cater meals throughout the complex. The dining room is a fully functioning café meant to showcase the company’s global culture and inspire casual collaboration while providing a space to host visiting clients, thanks to various sized meeting rooms and seating configurations fitted with network connectivity. A resource center with lockers gives visiting global employees a work area to call their own while working on site. A $1 million telepresence room, a conference suite, conference rooms, and open work space grace the second floor, linked to the first floor by a contemporary monumental stair and two stories of glass overlooking the outdoor dining patio.

Employees’ wellness and productivity took center stage in the new office building with a mix of conference spaces, enclosed offices, flexible open workstations capable of adapting to multiple arrangements, social hubs with full kitchenettes, a fitness center with a group exercise room, and shower facilities with lockers.

In the corporate center, 3,000 square feet of office space was renovated into a flexible conference area able to expand to reach a capacity of 7,000 square feet. The new space is juxtaposed to the new full service kitchen and conference building with support rooms for A/V production and storage. Site improvements incorporated a new outdoor dining patio, landscaping, and an exercise trail around the grounds.

The entire complex was economically constructed with the use of repeating, energy efficient insulated precast concrete panel systems in conjunction with large, Low-E, aluminum storefront windows able to filter light to the deep building cores. The design team developed a good working relationship allowing the group to harmonize the needs of the developer, building owner, tenant, and tenant’s parent company to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Elanco Global Headquarters embraces the vibrant diversity of its workforce and allows collaboration on different continents.