Frankfort StellarFrankfort, Indiana

Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf worked with the City of Frankfort and HWC Engineering to create a Community Investment Plan for the city to submit for Indiana’s Stellar Communities Program. Through physical improvements and programs, the plan identifies key catalyst projects and implementation strategies that will generate future growth and investment for the region, extending beyond these initial projects. The project team helped the city better articulate their vision for Frankfort, which resulted in the identification of potential development opportunities and the process required to capitalize on them.

The resulting vision-based projects seek to increase the overall quality-of-life for the residents of Frankfort through the creation of new open spaces, and the leveraging of recent improvements within their downtown. A signature project identified during the planning process was the revitalization of the Prairie Creek corridor, which runs through downtown Frankfort. In addition to improving the environmental conditions of Prairie Creek, the proposed solution also focused on repurposing underutilized and abandoned portions of the corridor with accessible and public green spaces. Streetscapes and façade improvements within the downtown were also strategically identified, and paired with local investment opportunities, local funding sources, and grant-based funding resources required for project implementation.