Healing Garden at St. Vincent OncologyIndianapolis, Indiana

The Healing Garden at St. Vincent Oncology Center responds to the hospital’s desire to ensure the center is an effective healing environment in a holistic way. The garden welcomes visitors with a variety of plant material, a flowing stream and a pergola-covered walk. It was designed to create a distinctive, warm and compassionate atmosphere, providing a place where patients can reach their goals of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Meandering paths guide visitors through a peaceful setting created by a winding stream, garden structures made from large, rustic timbers and boulders that complement the oncology center’s architectural stone detailing. Elements in the garden are designed to assist patients in various aspects of healing, like terracing which may motivate patients with limited mobility to reach higher places at each visit.

“It is truly remarkable that at the completion of such a large and complex project, we can look back and conclude that we wouldn’t change a thing. I think that we accomplished the objective that we stated at the beginning to create a facility with an environment that contributes to the healing process.” Dr. Mike Wiemann, St.Vincent’s Oncology Services