Hollywood CasinoLawrenceburg, Indiana

The Hollywood Casino expansion includes facilities not only on the river side also the “landside” of the levee in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Located on the Ohio River, this casino boasts a five-story, 1,500-vehicle parking structure, the exterior of which has been designed to express the Victorian theme of the original casino Landside Pavilion and Hotel. As guests reach the grand opening into the new casino Vessel, they are drawn onto the gaming floor through nautically themed decorative trellises, intriguing surface treatments and large, uniquely designed custom lighting fixtures and devices.

The 136,000-square-foot, two story gaming floor layout, called the Main Deck, provides more than 4,000 gaming positions at slot machines and table games. The undulating radial layout is complete with a visually accessible “high limit” area, several bars, restrooms and “cage” areas where guests “cash out” their winnings. The Lower Deck, contains 60,000 square feet of additional gaming with the balance of the 136,000 square feet dedicated to “back of house” functions. The exterior of the Vessel has been designed to represent a 19th century “riverboat”, complete with a Pilot House and smoke stacks.