I.D.O. Incorporated HeadquartersIndianapolis, Indiana

When i.d.o. Incorporated decided to move its headquarters to downtown Indianapolis, they determined that in renovating their new digs, pursuing a LEED Certified Commercial Interior (LEED-CI) was as important to their new facility as it was to the future of the firm. i.d.o. engaged Browning Day not only as the Architect for the project but also as the LEED Program Manager. It was in this role that Browning Day was able to help focus the sustainable goals of the project, and partner with all consultants to achieve them. More than 58% of construction debris was diverted from landfills and 21% percent of the materials used on the project were salvaged or reused. Sixty-nine percent of all the furniture used in the project was salvaged, refurbished or reused. Additionally, the use of materials with a low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), including adhesives, paints, carpet systems, composite wood systems and systems furniture and seating, all contributed to the positive indoor air quality that was achieved in the new space.