Monument CircleIndianapolis, Indiana

Arguably the most significant public space in the State of Indiana, Monument Circle is used for concerts, celebrations, and festivals year-round. Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf is the original designer of the brick circle character that took an asphalt traffic circle and turned it into a beloved barrier-free pedestrian space in the heart of Indianapolis. We created a more urban setting by introducing landscape and street amenities, and with the completion of the project, Monument Circle was reinvigorated as the symbol of the city.

Over the years the desire to more thoroughly program the space and control occasional heavy traffic led the City of Indianapolis to call for entries to study the future look of the space. In 2012, Browning Day was a member of the team selected to prepare a thorough analysis of the function and future possible programming of Monument Circle. The study explored the repositioning of traffic lanes and parking to create a more flexibly programmed space. Surrounding architectural uses were explored to enhance the Circle’s pedestrian activity beyond the business day. Lessons learned from this significant study exist within the current professional staff at Browning Day.