North Meridian Neighborhood VisioningIndianapolis, Indiana

Browning Day worked and Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. led several planning charrettes to solicit public input and create a visioning plan for the North Meridian Neighborhood.
The project area is bound by I-65, Pennsylvania St. (Talbot), Vermont St. (Tippecanoe) and Capitol Ave. (Roanoke). The project goal was to develop a stakeholder-base shared vision plan for the area to address redevelopment opportunities and urban design guidelines and preferences.

After the initial stakeholder workshop, during which an analysis of the neighborhood as well as design preferences were presented to solicit input and reaction from area stakeholders, Browning Day began to mock-up the vision plan and produce design imagery to show the character of potential redevelopment in the neighborhood. This was presented as “A Day In The Future” at a second stakeholder. Currently, many new residential, breweries, and professional design offices are emerging in this district.