Prairieview Country ClubNoblesville, Indiana

The Prairieview Golf Clubhouse is a 15,000 square foot facility designed to reflect the 1,830’s style of Conner Prairie, an outdoor interactive history park that’s adjacent to Prairie View golf course. The massing of Prairie View’s clubhouse is divided into three pieces, each rectilinear to relate to the forms of the 1836 village. While the three elements are grouped to appear as separate buildings in close proximity to each other, they are actually connected to accommodate clubhouse functions. The facility features a luxurious, multipurpose gathering hall and one of the finest Pro Shops in the Midwest. The clubhouse site was coordinated with the golf course layout to maintain a close relationship to golfers, allow views from the dining and Pro Shop areas, and to be a focal point while on the course. The front yard is enclosed by a wooden picket fence to match the 1836 style and is surrounded by prairie wildflowers. This project also includes the design of a new maintenance facility.