Pulliam SquareIndianapolis, Ind.

This multi-phase project converted what was once the home of the Indianapolis Star into a vibrant mixed-use development in the heart of downtown. The first phase of the project was new construction that contained approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial tenant space, 116 apartments, and a large rooftop garden. Located in an area dually influenced by both the lower scale historic fabric and the larger scale modern facades of the urban core, the development’s design sought to meld these influences together into a dynamic and cohesive whole.

The second phase of the project took the historic steel and concrete structure of the Indianapolis Star and transformed it into a contemporary apartment building with approximately 260 units, a large fitness area, an indoor pool, and multiple rooftop decks and courtyards.

The southern half of Talbott Street, formerly a vehicular alley, became a welcoming, landscaped pedestrian pathway with semi-private courtyards for Pulliam Square residents living along this corridor. The building’s main amenity is its stunning views of downtown and the adjacent University Park. Pulliam Square is a stunning addition to downtown’s built environment.