Purdue University Horticultural Building Studio RenovationWest Lafayette, Indiana

The goal of the Purdue Horticulture Building Rooms 117A and 117B design studio renovation and roof replacement was to create a highly functional, engaging and contemporary studio space for landscape architecture students.

The existing structure was built in phases during the 1920s and 1930s, and presented several challenges due to its lack of accessibility, size constraints, inefficient mechanical systems, and outdated furnishings and finishes.

Browning Day collaboratively created a solution that raised the uses and efficiency to modern-day standards, up to par with Purdue’s outstanding and highly-ranked Landscape Architecture programs. The unique and positive identity and experience the design team created for the department will carry through to other studios in the building.

Making this project of particular interest to our project team is that James E. Browning (1938 – 2008), co-founder of Browning Day, was widely recognized for his contribution to the profession of landscape architecture and support for the landscape architecture program at Purdue University.