River Ridge Commerce CenterJeffersonville, Indiana

Browning Day is leading the planning and design of one of the largest and most advanced mixed-use office and industrial parks in Indiana, and the entire region. We recently completed the master plan of the Gateway District, which represents the first 400 acres of many thousands. Immediately adjacent to one of Indiana’s newest interstate systems, the Gateway District is slated to be home to a variety of land-uses that will range from small-scale commercial and retail, to large office, warehousing, and heavy industrial. These uses will all blend seamlessly through the creation of various planning “districts”, each with their own design standards, aesthetic character, and infrastructural requirements. Each district will be developed with the goal of planning for and providing an unparalleled quality of life for the large workforce, representing a wide variety of industries from high technology to manufacturing. The site design for this area utilizes a systems-based planning approach, which both consolidates and integrates infrastructural elements such as stormwater systems, public green space, and transportation networks into a unified, well-designed “public realm” which will ensure a high-quality experience regardless of location or land-use.