Butler University Schrott Center for the Arts Indianapolis, Ind.

The LEED Gold certified Schrott Center for the Arts is a 450-seat venue for music and theater, with the primary purpose of providing teaching space for Butler University. The new theater is located near Clowes Memorial Hall, and responds to the theater and music departments’ needs for a mid-sized performance facility. The project is designed to meet the particular requirements of choral, orchestral, and theatrical productions, and includes a lobby, green room, dressing rooms, and other support spaces. Due to its relationship with other buildings on campus, the exterior design employs a mix of buff colored architectural precast concrete and ashlar-pattern Indiana limestone veneer.

The precast panels are ideal to enclose the tall volume, and provide the mass necessary to isolate the audience chamber and the stage house from unwanted noise. The hall uses retractable acoustic banners and curtains to tune the room between the needs for a ‘wet’ music environment and a drier theatrical performance space. The hard proscenium opening is adjustable in width from 40-50 feet to meet a variety of performance needs.

“The Schrott Center is perfect for virtually every musical ensemble we have in the Jordan College of the Arts, a magnificent shell, great lighting, and an aesthetically beautiful hall …. The acoustics are clear and present, but with a warmth that is uncharacteristic of most halls this size. It is truly one of the finest concert halls in Indiana, bar none.” Robert Grechesky, Former Professor of Music and Director of Bands at Butler University.