Simon Skjodt International Orangutan CenterIndianapolis, Indiana

The International Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo is one the most innovative zoo exhibits in the world. Through state-of-the-art exhibits and interactive computer games, visitors are offered an unprecedented intimate level of interaction with one of the planet’s most endangered primates. A landmark project in the arena of animal husbandry, the facility affords its occupants the freedom to travel in and around the exhibit building with greater mobility than the human visitors.

At nearly 16,000 square feet, the International Orangutan Center allows its inhabitants to ascend a 75-foot tall climate-controlled interior viewing space, access two outdoor yards, and freely traverse and nest about an outdoor network of masts, cables and platforms – collectively referred to as the Hutan Trail.

The iconic 150-foot tall “Beacon of Hope” serves as a reminder and catalyst of dialog related to the species’ endangerment and the zoo’s ongoing conservation efforts.