St. Catharine College Master PlanSaint Catharine, Kentucky

The St. Catharine College 2020 Master Plan was led by the President and created with strong collaboration between college deans, Board of Directors, development, and the Athletic Director over a six-month period in 2010. Influencing elements were an adjacent by-pass, a growing championship athletics program, an aggressive set of academic goals that will offer PhD programs in three years, an anticipated tripling in student population and the environment. The master plan established a network of green open spaces that are the backbone of natural site systems. The plan includes a new entry experience to campus featuring a boulevard and chapel gateway. An arced primary campus drive is lined with new academic buildings and a library. On the western side of the site a new athletics complex was planned. The expanded residential complex will have synergy with a new student center and the campus’ lake and amphitheater.

Browning Day accomplished a vision that will allow for all anticipated growth in the areas mentioned that will add significant value to the surrounding community, county and Commonwealth of Kentucky.