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Browning Day collaborated with Eli Lilly and Company on two high profile retrofitted green roof installments – the Corporate Center and the Visitor Center – at their corporate campus in downtown Indianapolis.

The Visitors Center Green Roof takes advantage of a 15,900 square-foot rooftop area accessible from the company’s Visitors Center to explore the viability of adapting existing building stock to feature a system that facilitates environmental stewardship, fiscal responsibility, social interaction and education.

At approximately 8,700 square feet, the Lilly Corporate Center (LCC) Green Roof raises the grand total of the campus’ retrofitted green roof area to approximately 24,000 square feet. The retrofitted green roof protects and extends the life of the roof assembly atop the LCC, reduces heating and cooling loads by approximately $0.03 per square foot per year, and reduces stormwater discharge. The LCC Green Roof alone reduces stormwater runoff by 188,434 gallons per year and the quality of the stormwater that continues to the combined sewer overflow system is improved by the vegetated roof area.

Other notable green roofs by Browning Day include the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center, Union Station, and the garden above the underground parking garage at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.