Town of Upland Master PlanUpland, Indiana

The Town and Taylor University partnered with Browning Day to develop Upland’s first Town Master Plan, which will build upon a university-led visioning charrette conducted in 2010. A key initial project task included a comprehensive public engagement and survey process to help prioritize the high-level initiatives identified in the previous planning charrette.

Browning Day helped the Town “brand” the planning process to help generate awareness and support, and created a social-media webpage to engage a larger population and disseminate project updates. Major components of the plan will include downtown revitalization and adaptive reuse, the integration of complete streets and greenways, development of gateways, and increased community open space. In addition, the plan will place special emphasis on implementation through the identification of key project partners, critical next steps, and potential alternative funding sources. It is the hope of both Browning Day and the Town that this planning process will help unify and redirect the efforts of the multiple volunteer community groups in order to ensure that the residents of Upland are collectively moving forward in a direction that helps to meet the town’s highest priority needs.