Retracing the Steps of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

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Retracing the Steps of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

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Environmental Product Declarations (or EPDs) are a hot topic right now in the green building industry. The issue of building product transparency is reaching critical mass, and thanks to LEED v4 there is no reason to believe interest will wane any time soon.

Explanation of an EPD (in 60 words or less):

An EPD is a standardized way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product. They provide information to enable parties to determine the product’s environmental impact through reports used for consistent comparison among similar products. A qualified third party provides independent verification of quantitative data in accordance with a standardized methodology so that similar products can be compared objectively.

For a more detailed description of environmental product declarations, click here.

Where do EPDs show up in LEED v4?

Materials and Resources (MR), Credit 2:
Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declarations
(language from LEED v4, 5th public comment draft)

This credit is worth two points and as the name implies, a point is earned for “disclosure” and “optimization” separately.

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