Sustainable Design

Browning Day’s sustainable design services are offered to our clients and project partners who desire expertise and performance-driven solutions with regard to systems thinking, integrative design processes, green building ratings systems such as LEED® and SITES™, protection of natural assets, on-site renewable energy systems, innovative stormwater/wastewater management, daylight, and energy analysis.

Browning Day recognizes that the market for high-performance projects is growing and energy codes are becoming stricter. This changing landscape is shifting project focus from soft goals toward quantifiable metrics regarding energy/water consumption, operating costs, and returns on investments. To address this, Browning Day leverages a wide range of performance modeling tools in an integrative design process that enables our project teams to go beyond design rules-of-thumb to evidence-based decision-making, resulting in better solutions for our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary team pursues solutions at various scales – ranging from open space planning and sites to architecture and interiors – that balance economic viability and beauty with human and environmental health.

Browning Day offers a range of environmental design services:

• Environmental design consultancy
• LEED(R) consultancy
• SITES(TM) consultancy
• Energy modeling
• Building envelope analysis
• Daylighting analysis
• Eco-charrettes / sustainability workshops

We joined AIA’s 2030 Commitment. Visit our Sustainable Action Plan here.

Browning Day is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council.