Tailgate fun!


Tailgate fun!

Well, the college football season has been over for about 40 days. Anyone else out there starting to miss the fall leaves and TAILGATING?

Okay, there may be snow all across the Midwest, but the twitch to get the grill fired up and apply some hunks of meat to the flame has not diminished. The experience and festivities of the pre-game and post-game drinking and dining are just not the same for a college basketball game.

I know there is some serious tailgating prior to NFL games, but these do not feel as passionate as the college experience. Perhaps the emotional investment with one’s alma mater or a nearby school is closer to the fan’s soul.  Or maybe it’s that the professional game is too much like a business.  In any event, the anticipation and preparation of the food, decorations, attire, and beverage sare given meticulous attention.  I know there are some incredibly serious tailgaters for large off-site events like the Kentucky Derby and Indy 500, but these happen once a year. The college tailgater is at their campus spot week in and week out. That is serious commitment to a party!

Many schools have great traditions of tailgating. Those in the Southeastern Conference are some of the standards to try to match. What other schools have a cool tailgating experience? What makes the experience – the environment, the food, the rivalry, or the company?

Look for a future blog entry discussing tasty food recipes for the tailgate experience.

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