The ArKICKtects: Kickin’ Grass and Taking Names

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The ArKICKtects: Kickin’ Grass and Taking Names

Monica Guillaud is a Graduate Landscape Architect  and a new addtion to the Blogger team at Browning Day

The ArKICKtects are back again for our second season in the Circle City Athletics Summer 2015 Downtown Kickball League. The games are played at IUPUI Carroll Stadium. We just finished our second game of the season, and we are having so much fun on these Tuesday summer evenings. Perhaps there is no better way to get to know your coworkers than by collaborating in an event. This game has little to do with professional career skills, so you really get to meet the person behind the pencil!

The ArKICKtects at bat
The ArKICKtects warm up before the big game on Tuesday evening.

Our first game was, shall I say, epic? We didn’t win, so not epic in that sense of the word. However, not all was lost. We have the privilege of working with several delightful, very talented architects and landscape architects who all fall just about anywhere on the kickball talent spectrum. Some are learning the game for the first time, others are skilled and know it well–and the rest (including myself) get the basic principles and continue to learn the intricacies. All in all, we had some awesome plays in our first game accompanied with some hilarious wrinkles that will be ironed out with more experience.

My favorite ‘wrinkle’ of the first game has already ironed itself out. Our graceful landscape architectural intern from Ball State University is one of several who are learning the game. This is her first kickball game ever. She has a real knack for hand graphics and an awesome bubbly personality. The umpire calls, “Jennifer!” and she steps up to the plate. Fortunately, the ‘bubbly’ bobs up to the plate with her in the form of a big smile and she gives the ball a swift kick. I’ve never seen anything so graceful! She looks to us as if to silently ask, “Now what?” We cheer her on, tell her which direction to go, and she practically floats to first base. The entire game, her kicks were successful, and she made it to at least first base every time.

At the end of the game, we were awarded with prestigious titles such as, “The Friendliest Team,” and the team with, “The Best Handwriting Ever.” We were also most reliable, based on our ability to show up on time.

The second game was more successful than the first. We were winning all the way up to the last inning before the other team took the lead. There are a few players that really deserve pats on the back: Austin was our MVP in the outfield, nothing got past him! He made it to every ball with impressive speed. Alyssa earned the nickname gazelle for her awesome strides, and she is great at catching a long ball in the outfield. Jeremy was just as awesome in the second game as the first, on his toes and reliable the whole game. Mark gets kudos for two spectacular kicks, and Ryan kept the ball rolling as pitcher.

Kickball Captain Mark Beer
Mark Beer, Landscape Architect and Kickball Team Captain, strikes a pose before Tuesday’s game.

I was very pleased when I recovered my own fumble near third base and lobbed the ball at a runner just in time for it bounce gloriously off of her leg with a satisfying bouncing rubber reverberating ring. It was the third out and she didn’t make it all the way to home. Great moment!

Overall, a successful and very fun second game with more lessons learned and more great moments to keep us smiling throughout the week.