The Glass Barn opens at the Indiana State Fairgrounds

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The Glass Barn opens at the Indiana State Fairgrounds

The Indiana State fair is introducing a new exhibit this year: The Glass Barn

Opened yesterday, the newest barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, unlike a typical barn, is modern on the inside and out.  Its unique design by Jonathan Hess of Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects includes seven roof peaks that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serve as a funnel to gather rain water that is fed into surrounding gardens. Browning Day has embraced the use of rain gardens as an environmentally conscious and sustainable practice that helps maintain beautiful landscaping while conserving water.  The building’s many large glass windows – thus the name ‘Glass Barn’ – symbolize the transparency today’s farmers want with the consumer regarding food production.

Programming at the Glass Barn will not be limited to the 17 days of the fair.  The exhibit will also serve as a ‘Welcome Center’ for the State Fairgrounds’ year-round agricultural education program that has already taught more than 40,000 elementary and middle school aged youth through on-site field trips that meet academic standards. With the technology made available in the Glass Barn, the State’s Largest Classroom plans to reach even more students both nationally and internationally through a distance learning program.

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