Through an Interior Design Lens

Interior Design

Through an Interior Design Lens

At Browning Day, it’s always our goal to design spaces that allow our clients to flourish. In the workplace, this often means creating healthy and inspired spaces that empower occupants to collaborate and employers to attract and retain the best employees.

“Where do we even begin,” is a question that we hear often from our first time clients. Sometimes they ask what color trends are, or what our favorite pieces of furniture might be – but these are questions that can be hard to answer. We use space, furnishings and materials to meet the functional needs of our projects. We are mindful of trends, new products, and advances in technology and sustainability, but our goal is never to just start with our favorites, or the industry’s latest trends. Our projects are most successful when we create lasting, memorable spaces that bring value to our communities and our clients.

No matter the size, budget or the reason for the project, our process is often the same.


Our first step is to define expectations. Establishing a timeline and budget, the individuals that will be decision-makers in the project, where consultants will be used, can outline the overarching priorities of the group. This becomes our game plan; for communication and deliverables.

Next, we develop a collective vision; a common language. Many times this vision is built through a series of visioning sessions, where qualitative elements of spaces are discussed. We look at images, many of spaces that don’t necessarily relate to our own but show strong color concepts or organization principles, we toss around words describing the look and feel of the space we want to create together, we laugh, we shout, we disagree, but then the magic happens; we come together.

This collective vision is the foundation for decisions made throughout all future phases of the project. It is the road map that tells us to turn left, or turn right, it helps us navigate through differing opinions. We always choose the one that best aligns with our vision.

Now, here comes the fun . . . we seek inspiration. By leveraging our relationships with vendors and consultants, we are able to gather materials, products, fixtures, and resources that meet current trends in design, sustainability and wellness. We understand that the business priorities of an organization are often to maximize assets, compete in today’s economy, and build their brand. Through color, texture, light, scale, and planning concepts, we seek material objects to translate the vision and build upon it.

Our approach is not so much, “where do we begin”; it’s often, “where do you want to end.”

Why Browning Day

Our interior designers offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight for a wide variety of markets; including academic, sports, commercial, corporate, civic + cultural, residential and sustainable design.

We share a space with leaders in landscape architecture, architecture and planning, and our office promotes a cross collaboration between sectors and project types. This collaboration forces us to not only be mindful of how interior spaces may align with the architecture or landscape architecture of a space, but it allows us the resource of many great minds at our fingertips.

The depth of our firm allows our designers to play a number of roles as they engage in project teamwork. Sometimes our scope asks us to take the lead, other times we assist our colleagues serving in a secondary role. We realize that in either case we add value to the projects that we are part of, and that our projects are most successful when we build upon our collective knowledge.

By merging talent, time, and a shared sense of accountability throughout the firm, we are able to deliver an individualized approach to our projects; giving us the flexibility to create inspired spaces that honor our clients vision in an efficient and effective manner.

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