War Eagle!


War Eagle!

Now that the confetti has finally settled in Arizona, all the trees on Auburn’s campus have been TP’d, and thoughts in Oregon of “what might have been” are drowned at Starbucks…….. what about the grass turf that hosted the National Championship Game on Monday???

With all the slipping and sliding going on in the game, okay I know there is a reasonable amount of both in a football game, but this is the big one….you know, the one with all the marbles on the table. How can the BCS not have requirements for a consistent turf for this game? A new grass field was installed the week prior to the game and it sure seemed to be part of the outcome.

There are too many fine artificial turf products in use at many Collegiate football (as well as soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, etc.) facilities for this to happen. Many of us have seen the Final Four Basketball venues, which utilize a special wood floor for the competition. The National Championship for football should be held on the same turf, preferably an artificial turf, each year. This would allow for consistent footing for all the players and take the actual field out of the game’s outcome. Additionally the teams could coordinate the proper footwear/spikes for optimum performance by the players.

Now I am wondering …how much influence did the differing shoe brands have on the game???

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